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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

RMS: Crazy Is As Crazy Rants

I suppose we had it too good. JavaScript hackers of the world lived in relative licensing bliss. Organizations like the Dojo Foundation built and preserved large swaths of high-quality code for anyone to build on, and even the outlier toolkits eventually came in from the cold. The open were even progressing toward even more transparent and community-driven development. Politics, of course, existed, but BSD-licensed code was the norm and Foundations helped guarantee the rights of users.

Alas, no, we've been doing it all wrong. Excuse me while I go rinse the taste of situational ethics and lost plots out of my mouth.

Quicksilver -> Mac QSB

For years now Quicksilver has been the first thing I install on any new Mac I buy. I'll admit to not being the most advanced Quicksilver user, which I think is easing my transition to the new Quick Search Bar. Unlike it's windows counterpart, QSB for the Mac seems to be meeting most of my needs as a launcher. We'll see how it goes.

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