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xmodmap....ahhh....that's better

For my own future reference:

%> cat > caps.xmodmap
remove Lock = Caps_Lock
keysym Caps_Lock = Control_L
add Control = Control_L
%> xmodmap - < caps.xmodmap

Ahhhh. That's better.

Dojo, Opera, and Jot

So I'm posting this from a pre-release build of Opera 8, which I'm happy to say sucks much less than Opera 7. Perhaps it'll finally be stable enough to do serious app work with (7.5 was getting close). We'll see. Most of nWidgets functions correctly on Opera 8, but there are some parser issues which I haven't delved into yet (and I'm not entirely sure how much I want to).

In other news, Dojo has finally rendered its first widget from markup. Big thanks to Dylan and Mark for all their help and code. I'll open up some demos of widgets once they are doing more. Wouldn't want to scare off the competition with our fearsome button widget ;-)


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I'm baffled. Jennifer got this in the mail, and what you see there is the entirety of the mailer (sans see-through envelop from sender). Jennifer's address is obscured, but everything else is unchanged.

5 bucks to the first person who can tell me what exactly she would be renewed for if she sent it in. I'm totally stumped.

jot blog

My new employer (Jot) has just unveiled the Jot Blog. Huzzah!

dojo dinner

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DHTML geeks, chow, and the people that put up with us.

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