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jot blog

My new employer (Jot) has just unveiled the Jot Blog. Huzzah!

dojo dinner

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DHTML geeks, chow, and the people that put up with us.

to lobbying, comrades!

Nothing makes me happier than to hear the likes of Bill Gates refer to marketplace corrections ('cause that's what laws and regulations are) as "communist", particularly when I agree with them.

Perhaps there's some form of Godwin's Law that could apply here, where every time BillG refers to Open Source and Open Culture as "communist", he automatically loses the debate.

new year, new places

Many of the (3) people who read this weblog already know this, but for posterity's sake, I've changed employment, and I'm now at JotSpot, a company doing really, really cool stuff.

Expect to hear more on that topic here.

so much to post, so little drive to post any of it

So Aaron has been hacking on a Firefox plugin for the likes of us DHTML geeks who want something better than a bookmarklet with which to manipulate, slice, dice, and make julliene fries out of our favorite web sites.

Behold! The Greasemonkey cometh!

If you're a browser hacker, this is for you. Just think of it as webdev crack.

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