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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

...and we just stared. and laughed. akwardly.

Names have been omitted to protect the inappropriate:

nameless person 1: "so, did you guys hear about this guy that comitted suicide at ground zero?"
random person: "I heard he was upset about the election"
nameless person 2: "so was that before or after Bush did a victory lap around it?"
everyone: stares

Repubsub lives!

After much delay, procrastination, and licensing hoo-hah, Repubsub is out!

Demo is here


So I'm starting to use Flickr, and loving it.

Hurray for Ludicorp!

new camera (again)

So Leonard's visit up to the city a couple of weeks ago made me start thinking seriously again about buying a digital SLR camera. About 7 months ago, I bought an EX-P600 for our vacation in Japan and it takes some great pictures. OTOH, it's low-light capability isn't exactly what I was hoping for, and there were a lot of times when I just felt myself wanting more control (more quickly).

The thing that really sent me over the edge, though, has been the month that my EX-P600 has been at Casio for repairs. Not having a camera was just making me cringe.

Anyway, so yesterday when Jennifer was at a book signing, I went across the street to Wolf camera, and got myself into big trouble. After about an hour of looking, using, and learning about most of the lower-end SLR options, I finally went with the EOS-300D and a 2GB microdrive. Since I don't feel comfortable enough with an SLR yet to warrant the expense of a different lense, I'm using the one that came with the package. The one thing that almost drew me to the Nikkon D70 was its instant-on ability (the 300D is actually slower to "go" than my EX-P600). Regardless, the UI on the Cannon seemed nicer. Now hopefully I can just learn to control my breathing enough to get rid of the seemingly ever-present hand-jitter in my photos.

closure, but no way to express it

So as my snobbery about programming languages has evolved, I've learned to love closure-based languages. As a result, something that's bugged me for a year or so has been something I read once-upon-a-time about Python not having true closures. How could it be that a language so pragmatically focused could omit something so imporant?

Turns out that it doesn't! Huzzah!

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