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ZF 1.8 Is Out

Congrats to the Zend Framework team on releasing ZF 1.8! This release updates the Dojo/Dijit integration and includes Dojo 1.3. Not only can you use the ZF view helpers to generate existing widgets, now you can use the view helpers to declare instances of your own components too.

If you haven't tried out ZF, it really does make building sophisticated Dojo-based UI's really simple. A bit part of that is that it helps automate a lot of the stuff that may be confusing when you're first starting out with Dojo.

Acme: Sometimes Being Generic Is A Win

Shane O'Sullivan, recently minted as as Dojo committer, has updated his GreaseMonkey script for skipping welcome screens to use Acme instead of Sizzle. Short story: fewer browser crashes and better performance.

If you're not using Dojo, now might be a good time to ask why your library isn't using Acme too.

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