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Cool Breeze

It's dark and raining out, I'm sitting in the dark coding with a cool breeze blowing through the apartment (leaves rustling, the whole 9 yards), and SRV is on the my playlist, nursing a mellow blues mood like only he could.

Straight outa some kind of post-modern, geeky Film Noir with a great soundtrack.

Guide 1.1rc1

I've tagged version 1.1rc1 of the OWASP Guide.

You can view it here or grab a tarball of the HTML output.


X-wing doesn't work under wineX.

It installs just fine, but that's about the long and the short of it. Once you start it up, it perpetually asks you to install DirectX 3, and won't let you get past it. Kind of annoying. I've now got a joystick that I don't have a use for just yet, but it's one of those nice Saitek USB adjustable deals which is great since I'm left handed, so I'm not going to get rid of it. If anyone can recommend a good linux game that can make good use of a joystick, I'd be interested to hear about a potential use for my new toy.

Anyway, I really don't care that much about it, I mean, I've got Homeworld working under wineX, so I'm more or less set.

This weekend promises to be wonderful. No computers, no projects, no stress...I get to see Jennifer! Yay!

The Blues

So Buddy Guy was phenomenal. Absolutely outstanding. If you get a chance to see him, go do it. He puts on a wonderful show and the band he's got touring with him is top notch.

Blues the way it should be = )

I just borrowed X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (yeah, the old school one) from a guy at work. I'd really like to get it working under linux, but that's going to require a joystick (something I don't currently have). Time to see if WineX is everything I think it is.


Seems like summer's almost gone now.

The students returned to Madison last week and treated the city to a very special kind of pademonium. Apparently everybody's leases end on August 14th and none of the new leases start until the 15th. As a result there are a couple of days where it's possible to decorate one's house/apartment/cardboard box by simply driving down the street and picking up the best of the discarded furniture (nestled among piles of various trash, rubbish, and junk piled on the curbs about knee deep). Every U-Haul, Ryder truck, and pickup in 20 miles must have been rented months in advance. The whole thing was totally surreal.

But that's all over now. School at UW started last week (as it did likewise at Purdue), and the visible signs of the students are all much more subtle: more supid drivers, more competition for parking spaces, etc...

I'm not sure if I'm excited about my first Wisconsin winter in 7 (8?) years or if I'm frightened that I've become so acclimated to warmer weather that I'll hate it. Goodness knows that I think Madison is a wonderful place, I'm just hoping I still think that when I'm fighting 2 feet of snow on my way to work.

I'm going to the Madison Blues Fest tomorrow, mainly to see Buddy Guy. I guess Lyle Lovett is headlining, but I just can't get into him. There's a local funk band that I'd kinda like to catch in person, but they're playing intermissions and I'm not sure if I want to get there at 6 when Buddy Guy isn't playing until 8. Either way, expect a full report soon = )

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