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Back Button

After Jennifer mentioned it, I finally got curious enough to try to fix the bad behaviour that NW exhibited WRT to the "back" button when nothing is loaded via the content iframe (as is the case with this blog). The problem seems to be fixed on Moz based browsers.

The diff is here. Embarassing that it was broken this long, really.

If you're running IE and this site still "breaks" your back button, please let me know. Thanks.


I'm back from a marvelous weekend.

No, you don't get details

= )

Back to SF

I'm going to SF this weekend!

I'll have some critiques of the Open Source economics paper when I get back (there are some overly-optimistic assumptions and ignored non-trivial costs).

Apparently Jennifer has a full weekend planned, which I know very little about. I'm excited = )

OSS Economics

An interesting paper on the economics of Open Source.


And to think, CAPS might not work as well as advertised...

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