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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Anatomy Of A Hacker-News Story

Hello, people I identify with (implicitly calling out the other), I have a theory you might identify with, since I think it describes you and your work and I identify with it. We will be ignoring counter-factuals today to make the process easier. Also, this post contains no actual data or research. It's merely the regurgitated musings of someone with very little experience in the topic at hand, armed with infinite amounts of self-congratulatory rightness. Because you and I already share attitudes and values, and because we've all read the same Paul Graham articles, this won't be much of a debate.

Here's my great theory:

True statement, exaggerated

Blah blah blah, setup, context, blah blah.

TODO(authorshandle): fill in with causal-sounding, non-research-backed explanations about why what I'm selling is true and not in any way exaggerated. If anything, it's understated.


Disclaimer: this could be entirely wrong, so if it is (and we all know the odds), you read this disclaimer.

My startup is founded entirely around the principles I've outlined here, which is why we're going to not only bring peace to the world, but get rich doing it. If you're an investor, you'd be a sucker not to put your money with us. Not an investor? Please go click on the obviously placed link earlier in the paragraph and witness our closed beta signup form.

Self-aggrandizing "thanks" for help writing this article, preferably including name-drops of folks i think you've heard of, but not so many that it's obvious.