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Comments for Anatomy Of A Hacker-News Story

The voice of reason stated calmly and accurately, possibly in the form of a question. (To be shouted down by the next 35 to 50 comments...)
Empty statement in support of your points. You're so smart!
by Karl G at
Snide comment about "transmedia".

I absolutely agree with this, Alex. I too sincerely believe in my own clumsy misrepresentation of your original point. That's why Languishing Startup is the only company I know currently pursuing this blindingly obvious strategy in the marketplace.

Here's a link to our placeholder website only with a typo so you can't click on it: htp://

Please pay attention to me!

by Danny O Brien at
Additional supportive comment posted with for the sole reason of garnering a link-back.
Hahaha. Hacker news has 5% good tech coverage and 95% 20 year old guys who need to get laid and jacking off while refreshing techcrunch. ;D
by Ben at
A random "First Post", inevitably arriving at position 4-5, thereby providing the opportunity for various self congratulating comics to further degrade the S/N.
by Andrae Muys at
Although I agree with your argument (it's obvious and I've said the same before), the fact that you provide no client API for Scala developers means you're doomed to failure.