Monthly Archives: September 2009

More Orthodox Heresy

Dynamic languages can’t be fast relative to static languages Any language with a working lambda can be saved from itself, given a fast enough runtime. But you can’t save the other folks who use that language You agree with me RDFa is smart technology, and can be cleanly integrated into HTML It was all invented […]

9L30 != 9L31a

Somehow I got out of sync with everyone else in the local distcc cluster at work. How? Weirdly, the XCode settings showed that while there were plenty of peers around to build with, they were all slightly off (har) in their OS version number, and therefore returned the dreaded “Incompatible Service”. Some googling revealed that […]

Dojo Developer Day, TOMORROW

I’ve been so busy with with work and such that I totally forgot to mention that tomorrow, Sept 10th there will be a Dojo Developer Day in Mountain View, generously hosted by AOL. Come for the whole day, drop by for a bit, or just join us for dinner/drinks afterward. In the ramp up to […]

A Contract With America

Dear Republican Senators (and Max Baucus): Since you do not believe that health insurance should always be available via large-group policy to the vast majority of Americans, and since you seem to believe that the individual insurance market functions well, I believe it is only proper for you to buy insurance in the individual market. […]