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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


Great! Next up: Kraft Frut, just like real fruit, but it's shelf stable for 3 decades, comes in "fun" packaging, has been reprocessed to remove any semblence of nutritional value, and best of all, it's from Kraft!

Oh, but it's smaller now. Yeah. That'll help.


netWindows just got faster.

CVS HEAD should show noticable performance improvements thanks to patches from Mark Anderson and some work by myself to remove un-necessaray eval() statements. Users making heavy use of inline constructors and nwAppId attributes will benefit most.


Oooh. The new blogger supports SFTP.

Makes my security-conscious noggin all warm and fuzzy to see that kind of thing = )


My hosting provider just got owned. There will be some problems with this site and my mail as I move off of them onto a dedicated box.



It was my most sincere hope that Mr. Bush knew what the fsck he was doing when he sent our men and women into harms way, raised the spectre of patriotism in support of his seemingly single-minded devotion to the goal of ousting Sadam, endangered an economic recovery at home, and in general made a mockery of the UN.

Looks like the Bush whitehouse has nothing but dissapointment to offer Americans that would like to think that their nation has high-minded goals.

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