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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


After trying nearly a zillion different shells on Windows, I'm back to Cygterm, in part because it makes cygwin happy and because I've just come to accept that some stuff will always require cmd.exe. Windows just sucks like that. On the upside, the Wombat VIM theme rocks my world.

Mark Thoma: "Tax Cuts Won't Build Schools"

Pro-cyclical arguments (the same ones that got us into this mess) are saying that we shouldn't begin public works projects because they might take a while. Mark Thoma shreds these them to little tiny bits.

I particularly enjoy how he notes that we've run a test of the "tax cuts solve everything" theory and how it's pretty clear that it failed. Miserably. While ballooning the deficit with nothing to show for it.

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