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Safari 2.0.1

After much discussion recently with Erik, we decided that Safari was a lost cause when it came to coercing XML documents out of serialized strings. Fortunately, Safari 2.0.1 seems to now include both the DOMParser and XMLSerializer classes that Mozilla implements. Looks like some of the last chinks in Safari's Ajax armor are finally fixed.

Dojo 0.1 is out!

Dojo 0.1 is now available.

An amazing team put this thing together, and shows. While we've got a long way to go toward one-dot-oh, this first release of Dojo is something everyone involved with its creation can be proud of. So go download it, check out the post-download help page and API outlines, and let us help you build something amazing.

It may not be perfect yet, but we're on the case. Until then, enjoy the best darned Open Source JavaScript toolkit around. We think you'll like it.

new box

This blog has been moved to new hardware in a new NOC which should be significantly faster all around. If you experience any problems reaching this blog in the coming days, please send me mail.


I love my Mac. I really can't imagine going back to windows or even Linux for my desktop at this point. But I've got a beef w/ the speed of this sleek little box that I spend the majority of my waking hours in front of. It's kind of a dog.

I recently put another gig of ram into it, which has kept it from the infernal swapping, but for straight-up development work, it's just not enough any more. I'd drop the cash on a new laptop today if Apple was selling something half-again as fast, but they aren't. The clock speed increases aren't fooling anyone. I need something that feels as fast as the thinkpads my friends are starting to tote around in lieu of their PowerBooks.

So c'mon Apple. Get it together so I can spend money with you again.

dojo, impending!

This week, Dojo will be releasing our first full public version, 0.1. It's not "fully baked" in a lot of ways, many things will change as we go into 0.2, and we already have a ton of things slated for past that, but 0.1 will be the best DHTML toolkit I've ever helped to build.

We've already started documenting some of the major parts of the system, and we'll continue that after 0.1 flys the coop. There's some really amazing stuff in there...can you say stable, lightweight, cross-platform WYSIWYG?

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