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9L30 != 9L31a

Somehow I got out of sync with everyone else in the local distcc cluster at work. How? Weirdly, the XCode settings showed that while there were plenty of peers around to build with, they were all slightly off (har) in their OS version number, and therefore returned the dreaded "Incompatible Service".

Some googling revealed that Apple shipped two 10.5.8's!. A regular software-update won't trigger the required update, either. Luckily, re-applying the stand-alone updater got me up to 9l31a, and I can once again abuse my co-worker's CPUs instead of my own. Phew!

Dojo Developer Day, TOMORROW

I've been so busy with with work and such that I totally forgot to mention that tomorrow, Sept 10th there will be a Dojo Developer Day in Mountain View, generously hosted by AOL.

Come for the whole day, drop by for a bit, or just join us for dinner/drinks afterward. In the ramp up to 1.4, there's some great engineering happening in nearly every area of the toolkit, including some great new visual improvements that I expect to see and hear a lot about tomorrow.

As usual, folks will be on IRC throughout the day should you not be able to join us in person, and in a first, we'll have a live feed of the event going.

Hope you can join us!

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