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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

20 Things

Big props to the team that put together the beautiful 20 Things web book. Browsers do a lot and most of it isn't obvious. This and a more technical overview do a great job of spreading the word.

Full Frontal JavaScript 2010

I'm getting ready to get on a plane this evening to speak at Full Frontal JavaScript 2010 in Brighton. I've been talking about something Chrome Frame-like since before I joined the project at Google, and the reasons I'm excited about it stretch way beyond liberation from the current set of boat-anchor browsers. Indeed, I think what we've got in today's best browsers isn't even scratching the surface. Once the rate of change in the web platform gets back to where I think it should be, how we build things will change dramatically...and that's change I've been waiting a decade for. Sure, today we can use libraries to get ourselves a competent version of what good browsers can do for you, but what will we be doing next? Remy Sharp is giving me a chance to paint that picture more fully in Brighton later this week and I'm incredibly grateful to him for the opportunity. I'll post slides here after the talk, but if you're in Brighton either for the conference or just 'cause you're awesome (you know who you are), I hope we'll get to chat about it in person. The future's about to get better.

Update: slides are here. And no, they're not supposed to make sense without the talk. Sorry.

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