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Table Dragging

Sometimes good things happen.

I've spent months, months trying to figure a way around the netWindows table-dragging bug in Gecko. I have assumed for some time now that the problem is in the lookup functions that NW uses in order to keep track of components. Last night, a friend of mine (a DOM newbie) wanted help with some DOM stuff, and so I oblidged him and walked him through some simple dragging stuff. He too came across the dragging bug, but wasn't using any of the complex object lookup routines that netWindows uses. I was looing in the wrong place. It wasn't the lookup, it was the table. Placing the table in a div, and moving the div solves the problem.

Totally strange.


Why is it that the widgets I need to work on aren't the widgets that I want to work on? I think it has something to do with my complete and utter lack of respect for anything structured in my life. Anyway, stalled on slider-bar (for no good reason), working on a button widget instead. 1.5 hours into it, almost done...I love it when I code stuff that doesn't suck.


I want something better than Outlook, and I've been thinking about it since about mid July.

Here's what I think a true PIM will look like (so far):

I think it can be built. I really do. It won't be easy, and it won't be quick, but I think it can be done...I just don't know if I'm the person for the job.


Trying blogger.

Not a huge weblog fan, but sometimes I just have to write, and why not now? We'll see how this turns out. I might just cancel the whole thing. Who knows. Hmm...wouldn't blog spell checking be the killer app?

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