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Perfectionism. It'll kill me yet.

I don't know why I spend countless hours dreaming up things to try, which turn into things to build, which turn into things that later need fixing. But I do. And I keep doing it. For instance, lets consider just my netWindows wishlist:

Each one of these additions or features will add to the already huge bug list for netWindows. Each of these will generate requests for clarification, documentation, explanation, and dissection from any number of corners. It's a lot.


Button widget comitted.

I'm almost embarassed that 0.2.3 is going to be out less than a month after 0.2.2, but I guess that's the way it all falls out sometimes. Anyhow, the new buttons support internal state management (i.e., they know when they are "active" and when they're "disabled"), can have images, are sizable to any size you choose, are fully themed, and they support both inline and programatic constructors.

On another note, I wish I had a good way to determine how much memory each object and component in the NW environment requires. But I suppose that needing memory optimization for DHTML is a pretty sure sign that I'm doing something unholy. Doesn't mean that I don't want it though.

A Fan

Just found this linked from Scottandrew. CSS and HTML reference in my sidebar? Yes please.

I'm such a fan.


Ran across this yesterday while looking for more Open Source PIM stuff, and it seems like it would make a logical front end to the versioning system I described on Wed. The more I think about it, so long as we can prescribe that all data be stored in XML format, I don't see why good-ol CVS can't do the job on the backend, it just needs some set of "wrapper" applications to make the interface a lot more transparent to the end user. I hate it when big projects start to seem approachable, 'cause then I find myself working on them. Well, sanity was nice while it lasted.

Mozilla Themes Fixed

Mozilla themes fixed.

Geez. I thought that would never happen either. Fooled me. I think I'm having one of those hyper-productive spells where you just know that you can do anything. It's not so much that I'm a better coder than I was yesterday, or that I've suddenly gained deeper understanding into the DOM than ever before, it's just that I feel like I can do it, so I do.

Just wait, come my Calc exam on friday, I won't even be able to look myself in the mirror, let alone code. Better get 0.2.3 battened down while I still can. =)

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