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More fun netWindows news.

The two files that were required to be included in 0.2.2 (NW_config.js and script_registry.js) have now been replaced with a single file, netWindows.js. Instead of needing a separate copy of NW_config.js for each directory in which you want to launch NW from, simply include netWindows.js using a relative URL from the page doing the loading. NW_config.js and script_registry.js will not be included with 0.2.3, so be prepared to update your environment pages when you upgrade.

Big thanks go out to Tim Morgan for inspiring this fix.

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I am 37% addicted.


Happy Thanksgiving



New event system is in CVS.

That is all.


Another good NW idea that I don't have time to implement: I was thinking about animations (and how NW really doesn't do them well, or at all), and it occurred to me that each component should be allowed to attach "behaviour" objects to itself.

In a similar fashion to what I'm mulling over doing with keystroke dispatching, I think that running a "thread" that calls the behaviour of each "activated" component might be a good way to effect complex animations with a minimum of fuss and a maximum amount of extensibility. This way, if you don't need an effect (or behaviour), you don't have to include it.

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