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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

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Alan Cox on the Free Software engineering process.

Lots of Options

In an interview Jamie Zawinski gave in 1998, he said:

There are lots of small, lean web browsers out there that, incidentally, do almost nothing useful. If that's what you need, you've got options...

The defense rests, your honor.


So yesterday I was —> <— this close to writing about how much I miss singing and how I got myself talked into singing in chior at church for christmas. But I thought better of it for some reason.

I've got some ideas about the data-transfer problem... I think that instead of hijacking the widget classes to suit our needs, a data receptor class might make sense. It could be subclassed to provide the correct handling of the data, but the superclass could handle things like registering it and making sure that data block get handled correctly by the loading scripts. Well, it's an idea anyway.

Server Interfance

netWindows needs a way to talk to servers genericaly. The parser and the loading scripts are a great interim solution, but I think what really needs to happen is some ready-to-roll extension of the two that can allow for XML data later. And it has to implement (and allow extension of) a subscribe-notify repository for data.

But this is a problem for another day. A day on which I don't have an exam. Which I happen to have one of today.

Data Transfer Demo

Today I found another site with a pageloading script similar to NW's, but they break it out and call it an "http buffer", or something. Anyway, basic principle is the same as with NW, you load content into a specified element via a hidden iframe, etc... yada yada...

Still haven't seen anyone else doing something like the generic parser though...perhaps I'm just out in left field with that one =)

Speaking of the generic parser and the loading queue, I built a little demo of netWindows data transport. Maybe it'll be entertaining for someone.

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