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Just loaded IE 5.1 for the Mac on my g/f's computer (as I'm Mac-less), and lo-and-behold, menus work correctly. In fact, most of the codebase appears to work with only visiual flaws. I'm so happy.

On the downside, I keep finding little things wrong with yesterday's 0.2.3 release. Grr.

I really need someone to help do release engineering with/for me, because by the time I think I've got a release done, i'm too tired and worn out to QA it properly. I test as I go, and I have test pages for everything, but the fact that I don't have someone who will go through a releae build and click on everything on a bunch of platforms and then get back to me in a timely fashion is kind of a pain. Hopefully the next release will be cleaner.

0.2.3 Released

0.2.3 is out, freshmeat has been notified and a sourceforge release has been made. Release engineering is the kind of thing only someone even more pedantic than myself could love.


Stuck on windoze until I can get my SuSE install fixed. On the upside, I can at least still mount the root FS, which is a Good ThingTM.

In the "more good news than Alex deserves" dept., Cygwin makes it all better.

On a totally unrelated note, PLUG has a new president, and it's not me. Oh happy, joyus day =)

Sometimes it's good not to be king.


"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


So I got ambitious (ok, I lied, I just got less lazy) and put togeather a modification to the menu inline constructor that lets you use anchor tags. The upshot of that? well, if you're really anti-writing-things-twice (and who isn't?) then it'll let you create a menu system for the browser challenged from exactly the same code as you use to specify a netWindows menu.

Will wonders never cease?

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