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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


So I got ambitious (ok, I lied, I just got less lazy) and put togeather a modification to the menu inline constructor that lets you use anchor tags. The upshot of that? well, if you're really anti-writing-things-twice (and who isn't?) then it'll let you create a menu system for the browser challenged from exactly the same code as you use to specify a netWindows menu.

Will wonders never cease?

Easy Does It

Ok, while I'm on a roll, I just want to mention that the Ogg Vorbis integration in the KDE audio CD service is the coolest thing ever. Basically, you put an audio CD in the drive, go to the Ogg view in Konqueror and "copy" the ogg files to wherever you like. It then rips and encodes them on the fly. Someone earned major brownie points in my book for that one.


Working from latest Moz nightly on Linux...consider me impressed.

I'm espically fond of the new cookie managment features. I still like the way the Konqueror basically allows you to create a cookie rule set on the fly if you set the "prompt" option for setting cookies. Something like that for Moz (but perhaps a bit less conspicuious) might be nice. Not that I'm complaining.

The latest nightly also lets me disable popups, status bar rewriting, and window resizing. I'm such a fan.


holy object models, batman!

the minimize feature is working on the latest mozilla nightlies. I'm so happy that I may very well go do something rash, like finish the 0.2.3 release.

Maybe I'm being too optimistic there...

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