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0.9 On The March

Last week we released Dojo 0.9, and while we're excited at how well it performs, how easy it is to use, etc. but the proof is in the apps. In particular, Plaxo Pulse, AOL's TinyBuddy (app here) and the new Bloglines beta are all 0.9 based and the experience really shows it. They're all "data stream" apps, things you fire up and then leave open or spend lots of time in, and they're amazingly useable, responsive, and useful. If you haven't tried them out, now's the time to give them a whirl and get a feel for how 0.9 is helping real apps rock.

Sweet Gig

SitePen is hiring.

To be honest, SitePen is usually hiring, so why the blog post? Because I'm hiring for a SitePen R&D Associate. This isn't your average programming job. Not only will all the work from this new position be released as Open Source software,it's a self-directed research job. Combined with SitePen's completely-virtual structure, you can work on what you feel is important and live wherever you want.

Read on for the full description:


R&D Associate (title negotiable)


<p> SitePen is a fast-growing services company with deep roots in Open Source web software and an ongoing commitment to give back to the Open Web. The problems we solve for clients sit at the intersection of Computer Science and Interaction Design while cutting across a wide variety of problem domains. As an R&amp;D Associate at SitePen you'll be responsible for investigating and developing solutions to the thorniest problems in real-world web application development and since everything you do will be Open Source, your impact will be both meaningful and lasting. </p>

<p> Some topics currently of interest to SitePen include: </p>

<ul> <li>web framework scalability</li> <li>parametric CSS</li> <li>ES3/ES4 implementations across VMs</li> <li>publish/subscribe messaging and scalability</li> <li>web-based interaction design/analysis tools</li> <li>Open Data portability and metadata normalization</li> <li>browser-based data visualization</li> </ul>

<p> But those are just the problems that keep us awake at night. What we're <em>really</em> interested in is hearing about how you'd like to make a difference in the evolution of the web. At SitePen, you'll have the freedom to pursue your interests and a mandate to work with broader communities to make your ideas reality. </p>

<h3>Required Qualifications</h3>

<ul> <li>contributor to at least one Open Source project (active committers preferred)</li> <li>fluent in one functional or scripting language (C experience a plus)</li> <li>must be able to author technical papers</li> <li>must be comfortable presenting and defending work to groups of various sizes</li> <li>permanant legal right to work in the United States</li> </ul>

<h3>How To Apply</h3>

<p> Send a plain-text email to "" with the subject line "R&amp;D Associate Application". In the body of the email, please explain why you think you'd be good for the job, what research interests you would like to pursue, and if you have one, a link to your website/blog. Please include links to your Open Source involvement and note major contributions (planning, design, features implemented, research contributed, UI/UX/IxD, etc.). Also, either include a link to an online resume or attach one in plain-text or PDF format. </p>

<p> There is no deadline for application, but the earlier you apply the better your odds. </p>


<ul> <li>Senior Engineer grade pay</li> <li>Comprehensive health insurance</li> <li>All work product Open Source</li> </ul>

<h3>Additional Information</h3>

<ul> <li> <b>Location:</b> anywhere you damn well please. SitePen is an entirely virtual organization. </li> <li> <b>Travel:</b>10-25% travel, depending on personal choices regarding conferences and symposiums. Presenting papers and speaking on your work is encouraged. </li> <li> <b>Job Type:</b> Full Time </li> <li> <b>Reports To:</b> Director of R&amp;D (Alex Russell) </li> </ul>

Uniquely for an R&D job, there are no minimum education requirements. We only care how effectively you can advance the state of the art on the Open Web. If that sounds like a calling you can get behind, I'd love to hear from you.

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