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To my astonishment, the majority of the netWindows core scripts function without problem on Konqueror 2.99. That's a long way from having widgets and a content loading system that work on that browser, but it's a couple hundred percent more than I expected to be functional. Guess it's proof that if you code defensively and work with the standards your code will be viable in places you couldn't envision it. And those are types of applications that tend to really matter, the ones we don't think about.

Today I also discovered that in the JS debugger (Venkman) build included in Mozilla 0.9.9, there is a profiling option. The profiling information it kicks out is super useful for understanding what takes how long and why. I can tell already that it's going to be absolutely invaluable in tweaking 0.3.0.


Had dinner with CJ tonight as we went grocery shopping (I know, how romantic). Anyway, it came up that I don't mention her (or anyone else I know that doesn't have a web page) in my weblog, and she wondered why. Which, I guess is a good question.

So why don't I talk about these (important) people in my life? Well, I guess the best answer I've got is that they haven't put their lives on the web, so what right do I have to do it for them? I suppose that I could ask people before mentioning them or whatever, but somehow that seems to go against the grain of having a weblog. Anyway, I got permission from her to talk about her (and us) in the weblog, I'm just not sure what that means (or should mean). I'm pretty adamant about keeping my private life private, and I'm not even sure about my own comfort level.

It was easy before because I just had a little mental rule that I could follow, but now that rule has been questioned, and rightly so. Perhaps if my weblog had a theme I wouldn't have this issue, but as it is, it doesn't have a theme and I don't know how many relevant things I have to say on a single topic. Not to mention, my brain doesn't function in anything approaching a linear fashion, so a single purpose weblog wouldn't fit me very well anyway.

Well, these are the things that are ganwing at my brain. At least I can rest assured that now that she said I can mention her, I can embarass the heck out of CJ (she made it for a class).

Slides for Purdue Web Development Club

Last night I gave a presentation on netWindows to the Purdue Web Development Club. Slides are available in PDF format.

Doc Formats

SourceForge seems to have settled back down of late, which is good. All the stats appear to be correct now and the CVS server is seemingly quicker than normal.

netWindows as a whole has been languashing in a sea of travel and work, but spending some quality time with pyMail and the documentation re-orginization are on my plate for the comming weeks. Ted Shroyer has suggested a format for the API documents similar to that of the JDK documentation (JavaDoc), but I have misgivings about maintainability. The web application geek in me instinctively wants to throw a database on the back end of this and generate everything on the fly, but it seems like overkill for something that only gets changed by developers and is already in CVS. I really do like the idea of having a frameset that helps navigate, but I think that the indexes and links should be created dynamically, I just don't have any good ideas how to make that happen on the back end. Another potential problem is the fact that our comments aren't our documentation, rather the documentation was extracted early for the sake of download weight (mistake?). Perhaps a well laid-out document structure is the right answer to both problems.


Scott is at SXSW and I'm insanely jelous. I miss Austin, and I've been wanting to go to SXSW for a couple of years now. Hopefully next year.

Doesn't make me feel any better about missing it this year, though.

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