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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Bits and Remainders

I've been working on an epically-long blog post on the Offline problem for something like two months now and it's still not done. That's not so much to tease as warn; Frances thinks I should post it in installments. It's that long.

As a result of that ever-growing design/analysis/writing hairball, I haven't blogged when I might have. Videos of some of my recent talks are now up, including my Fronteers closing talk:

Alex Russell | The Web Platform & the Process of Progress | Fronteers 2012 from Fronteers

Special thanks to Peter and the Fronteers volunteers for managing to find a pink boozy cake (a culinary revelation!), simultaneously meeting my only (joke) demand as a speaker and trolling me in person. WELL PLAYED.

Also, give the rest of the excellent talks a gander over on Vimeo . Personal favorites of mine include the ever-brillaint Phil Hawksworth, Marcin Wichary's stunning Doodles talk, Lea Verou, and Rebecca Murphey....actually, there were too many to list. Seriously, go check it out.

I also recently spoke at the London Ajax User's Group, and video is also available (but not embeddable). Apologies for both videos including a lot of me rambling. I need to get better at this whole "public speaking" thing.

On a related note, FFJS was once again brilliant. Best one day conference going this side of the world, hands down. Congrats to Julie and Remy on a stonkingly good day.