Monthly Archives: November 2012

Layers of Confusion

I missed a Plus post by Ian Hickson back from August but I saw it today through the magic of the twitters. It contains quite a lot to quibble about, but I want to home in on something he wrote in the comments in response to Will Sargent, RE: one of my posts on layering […]

Bits and Remainders

I’ve been working on an epically-long blog post on the Offline problem for something like two months now and it’s still not done. That’s not so much to tease as warn you; Frances thinks I should post it in installments. It’s that long. Anyhow, as a result of that ever-growing design/analysis/writing hairball, I haven’t blogged […]

Election Season

So election season is upon us — no, not that one — elections for the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group (TAG). You might be thinking to yourself “self, I didn’t know the W3C had such a thing…how very strange…I wonder what it does.” Also, you might be wondering why I’d bother to write about a perfunctory […]