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Overdue Credit Where It's Due

This is just the top of the backlog...there's stuff still in my brain-bin from TPAC, but a couple of quick items worthy of a collective pip-pip!:

  1. MSFT Moves To More Aggressive IE Updates: Automatic updates work, and in conjunction with shorter development cycles they enable the process of progress to move faster. Kudos to MSFT and the IE team for taking a concrete step in the right direction.
  2. Jeff Jaffe got the message and, while continuing to say tone-deaf things like "the W3C is a volunteer organization", thereby ignoring the cause of the prefix squatter's discontent from the perspective of standards -- that there is a good faith way to act and that Apple has run afoul of it by not plumping specs for their features, and that those shipping common code have been burned by unwittingly shipping features which have been found to undermine the good faith of the process -- at least he has said that speeding up the process is a key item for action this year at the W3C. It's not much, but it deserves to be noted as a refreshing bit of honest self assesment.