Hoisted From Other People’s Comments

Humorous quote over at the hacker news thread on the previous post:

by seldo:

This complaint is as old as the hills. You may as well slap an obnoxious “Designed for HTML5” button on your site. The cost of having the world’s largest addressable audience of any development platform is that web developers have to deal with the fact that it varies a lot. Them’s the breaks.

Edit: because I hate comments that are purely negative, my suggestion for getting users to the latest technologies is to use libraries (like YUI and jQuery) which do the hard work of implementing newer features in backwards compatible ways, but use the modern feature if it’s available…

Wish I’d thought of it earlier.


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    Oh, how embarrassing :-)

    In my defence, I didn’t know the names of any of the writers of Dojo, and you don’t seem to have an about page that says “I wrote dojo” anywhere. Relying on everyone on the Internet to already know who you are may lead to this sort of thing :-)

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    You’re right that I should make it clearer where people are. This blog recently moved from “alex.dojotoolkit.org” to this new URL, and I didn’t add any new identifying information in the move. I’ll see how I can fix that.

    Anyhow, I didn’t come to my views on browsers without first considering a lot of other options. I just don’t see how we’re going to significantly improve the rate of change without more leverage, though, and that leverage comes from upgrading browsers — one way or another.

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    I see your point. Obviously getting people to upgrade their browsers is the solution, the question is how to do that. I just don’t think “developing exclusively for the future” is the responsible or practical way to do that — though I may be reading more into that phrase than you intended.