Monthly Archives: December 2007

The W3C Cannot Save Us

Things are finally moving over in CSS-land. On the positive side CSS column layouts are looking pretty nice, having dropped their dependency on the the janktastic “advanced” layout module and there’s some initial movement on improving the CSS-OM. But all is not well, nor has it been for a long, long time. No work on […]

The Non-Relational DB Strikes Back!

When I started at Jot, one of the things I fell most in love with about the platform was the way that application developers on the system never, ever had to think about “the database”. You just had nodes (JS objects which could serialize themselves to XML) and nodes had properties. Setting a property on […]

If You’re Not Already Subscribed To Mike Shaver’s Blog…

…this would be a good time to go add it to your feed reader of choice. His latest post on Adobe’s attempts to increase the social acceptability of their closed platform does a great job at distilling some of the history and strategies being employed.

DWR Joins The Dojo Foundation, Joe Walker Joins SitePen

Dylan has the short-and-sweet writeup of what’s happening with DWR and the Dojo Foundation and Joe Walker has a bit more Q&A. I can’t really add much to the “news” bit of the news other than to say that I’m tremendously excited about it. The DWR community has been amazingly level-headed in its deliberations, and […]