Monthly Archives: November 2007

@Media Ajax Wrap-Up

I’ve uploaded the slides for my talk from Day 2 of @Media Ajax, which was a refreshingly focused and high-quality conference. The single-track format combined with some really excellent speakers made me really regret missing any part of it. Huge congrats to Patrick and the Vivabit for putting on such a great couple of days. […]

Wot Ho!

Today I’m flying out for a trip to Edinburgh and then on to London for the @media Ajax conference. This will be my first trip to the UK, and I’ve been fitfully canvassing friends about what I should do and see while there, but I’ve barely had time to digest it. My usual M.O. of […]


I don’t write much about politics here, but the amnesty-for-telcos language which is being fought by the EFF really has my goat. The whole robo-fax-as-advocacy thing isn’t really my style so what follows is the letter I sent to Senator Feinstein today after finding that her San Francisco office’s voicemail box is full and that […]

Comet Daily Is Live!

The new Comet Daily blog (to which I will be a contributor) is finally live, and already they are doing a better job than I ever have at explaining the value of Comet for building low-latency interactions. Greg Wilkins has an excellent post outlining the load and latency benefits of going with a Comet server […]