Monthly Archives: May 2006


So I’m procrastinating (I mean…erm….thinking) on some code for a talk I’m giving in a couple of days, and as usual, I wind up doing mental gymnastics on every topic but the one at hand when I’m staring down a deadline. This time, I can’t get my head off of mobile apps. At a conference […]

…since sliced bread

Wikis, as a rule, suck. I say this as someone who spent the last year and a half working at what is generally considered to be a “wiki company“. I hated wikis before I went to Jot, and now having seen the strange cult of wiki even closer (Jot’s competition), I haven’t been dissuaded from […]

Firebug: now, more than ever, like crack

If you’re doing serious web development and you’re not running Firebug 0.4 yet…well…you should be. Depending on how the debugger UI turns out, I may be ditching Venkman for everything but profiling. Huzzah!

And So It Begins

There was a ton of JavaScript news around this year’s JavaOne. First was Greg Murray‘s JMaki, a library that allows JSP and JSF developers to easily add scripted components (e.g.: Dojo widgets) to their pages with minimal effort. Next was the less lauded, but arguably more important, Phobos. Think of it as an app-server for […]