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It's the engineers, stupid!

It's one thing when your friends loose their jobs because some knuckle-head CEO got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or more likely, couldn't find a cookie jar with both hands and a guide dog. But it's quite another when you find a CEO dumb enough to actually single out and fire one of the best web developers on the planet for entirely spurious reasons. Someone should send this guy a memo that if Microsoft can let 1400 developers loose with sponsored blogs, then it might just behoove Friendster to let someone other than a marketing droid toot Friendsters horn a little too.

Over the last several months I have assisted Friendster in the search for a top-notch DHTML person (due in large part to my respect for Joyce as a developer). That help is over, and if you've been approached by Friendster for an engineering position of any sort, please allow me to take this moment and wave you off from a company that can only seem to distinguish and recognize its most valuable employees by handing them pink slips.