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duller than a joke in spider-man...

Jennifer and I had a wonderful dinner this evening which was followed up by an incredible mistake: we knowingly walked into a theater and paid real, actual money to see Spider-Man 2.

I had talked to people (who shall go un-named) who assured me that it was much better than the first one. Given the quality of the plot, acting, dialogue, effects, and editing of the first one, I should have known that it was damning with faint praise. Anyone who was kicked awake at any point in their 7th grade science class will bristle any time the rubes who wrote this thing decided that they were going to be all smarty-pants and use words like "fusion". The "romance" in the film consists of both stars gazing at each other with glassily stoned looks and going "umm..." a lot. Paint has a more believable and exciting potential for romantic interaction.

Yeah, I'm bitter. Those are 2 hours I'm never getting back.