Monthly Archives: July 2004


I’ve been meaning to post this for something like a week. One of my current interests is in trying to figure out how in the heck to get Subversion to support a large number of users, perform hot syncs and backups between locations spread across the globe, and authenticate against a directory (in this case, […]


I almost forgot to mention that I had lunch with Zack the other day. It was weird talking with him since i’ve come to take a lot of things for granted since I’ve entered the working world, and his startup, CivicSpace Labs, challenges a lot of them. Very mind (re)opening.

..and speaking of movies

So last night’s giant mistake was followed up by 14.5 hours of sleep and a good call on Jennifer’s part. A week or 2 ago we heard about outfoxed on NPR (probably on On The Media), and so Jennifer ordered a copy and invited a bunch of people over for this afternoon. It’s quite the […]

duller than a joke in spider-man…

Jennifer and I had a wonderful dinner this evening which was followed up by an incredible mistake: we knowingly walked into a theater and paid real, actual money to see Spider-Man 2. I had talked to people (who shall go un-named) who assured me that it was much better than the first one. Given the […]