I’m in Japan now, and Jennifer and I are staying with friends of Jennifers in Yokosuka (south of Tokyo). Yesterday was a jet-lagged day of new foods and trains. We went up to Akihabara (pictures to come!) and got Jennifer an iPod-mini (which the Apple store in SF was out of last week). The aisles of electronics stalls in Akihabara were something to behold. Think blocks and blocks and blocks of Frys.

The train system here is incredible. I’ve been taking caltrain to get to work for the past 5 months or so, and it’s wonderful. Caltrain is always kind of empty (even when it’s full), which is a large contrast to the train lines here. Strikingly, towns here seem to be centered around the train stations (instead of the highways). Jennifer had the foresight to get JR line train passes for 2 weeks. For 550(usd) a person, we’ve got the ability to go ANYWHERE (and in nice style). Despite the fact that the country is only the size of California, a train ticket to go across the country is prohibitively expensive, whereas the passes we got allow us to travel more-or-less un-restricted. More on that later.

Also, the cell phones here are larger than I expected, and the networks aren’t as reliable as I would have thought.