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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


So yesterday was good. Jeff Veen from Adaptive Path gave an excellent presentation on user interaction design and the process he uses to address the expectation gulf. Other interesting panels included Howard Rheingold's fairly realistic talk on the future of swarms and smart networks. He described an information space with several properties that I have been noodling on for some time now. His point was that the current network is starting to see some real command-and-control structures being built in and that it's up to us (the geeks) to expand the information space beyond central control structures at a rate that makes control structures irrelevant. OTOH, this all depends on the viability of an open platform, which is now in doubt.

After a lunch of barbecue (mmm! barbecue!) I had lunch and a good discussion with Adam Keys. Also wound up meeting Wes Felter and had a good time hanging out with Simon Willison and company.

Anyway, yesterday was great. I'm already not wanting to leave today.