Monthly Archives: March 2004

poor taste

Heavy email users that I know (myself included) tend to have personal rules about the email they will read and respond to. These rules are variously known and enforced as “netiquette”, “not being stupid”, and “still being allowed to send mail through my servers”. No matter what the rules are called, one invariable tennent is […]

Anderson’s Law

Anderson‘s law: Moore’s law doesn’t imply that applications improve in performance, because programmers are always as lazy as their hardware permits them to be.


OpenVPN needs an OS X and Windows front-end for client systems and a generally non-sucky configuration interface for systems that are going to act as gateways for road-warrior users. I’ve gotta think there are a lot of people in the same boat as me who really don’t want to be hacking their ifup scripts to […]


The development team that I’m a part of at work uses wikis pretty extensively since we have people that need access at all times of day to information in a central place. The concept works very well for what we do, but the implementation leaves a proverbial ton to be desired. One of the more […]