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Week 2

Almost 2 weeks into my OS X odyssey, I have a lot of thoughts about my new desktop OS. Before I get flames from "Mac People" (you know who you are), please understand that I fully grok that my needs in an OS are not "ordinary" by any measure. That said, my primary expectation of a computer is that it will do things for me and will not get in my way. Given any particular task and any particular user, what is implied by these goals will be different. What follows is a list of things that I, a security and Unix geek like and dislike. Take or leave them, but please understand that my criticisms are dependent on the context of my mind and are in all likelihood not portable. Also, I realize that many of my problems with the OS are going to be addressed in 10.3, but I'm not running 10.3, and so these things still annoy.

So first, the things I love:

Now, for the things I hate...

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts come as I get more comfortable with my setup and do more "real" work on it, but I think that 2-weeks is plenty of time for a power-user to decide whether or not he can live with an OS. To Apple's credit, I haven't ordered any Yellow Dog Linux CDs yet, but there are some things about the OS that make me seriously consider it from time to time.

So what's my final rating? I'd say that on a scale from one to awesome, OS X is "uber-cool". This doesn't imply that it's the most useful thing ever, but that it has a lot of things that would be nice to see in other places. I don't realistically expect Apple to suddenly to cater to Unix types like me, but I can dream.