Monthly Archives: September 2003

I’ll have notes on my Q-mail/vmailmgr/FreeBSD nightmare soon. Long story short: if another person ever decides that they are going to develop their own super-daemon system for Unix, everyone that ever wrapped their mind around svc/supervise will track them down and shoot them…for oh so many different reasons.

My mobile transformation is (more or less complete). This is my first post from my new G4 laptop over the data connection from my cell phone. Mobile development, here I come = )

I finally did it. I finally ordered a laptop. 15″ aluminum PowerBook with the 5400 RPM hard drive and half a gig of ram in a single SODIMM so I can slap another gig in when the price comes down a bit more. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll have much better Safari […]

So every time I decide that I need to addle my brain a little bit more than the Economist and Slashdot can assist me with, I go reading blogs. This is kind of last-ditch boredom born from hour upon hour of mind-numbing, totally brain rotting work (documentation, IDS signatures, etc…). This is only outdone by […]