Monthly Archives: October 2003

Tomorrow is my last day at SecurePipe. Two weeks ago I decided that needed to move to San Francisco. I’m a patient man, but a year and a half of being long-distance with Jennifer is enough to wear even me down. Since then, I’ve updated my resume, spent a lot of time wondering if I’m […]

Almost 2 weeks into my OS X odyssey, I have a lot of thoughts about my new desktop OS. Before I get flames from “Mac People” (you know who you are), please understand that I fully grok that my needs in an OS are not “ordinary” by any measure. That said, my primary expectation of […]

Oh Blarg. I just fixed my Kmail+GPG problem. Seems I had a typo (or 3) in my fink.conf file, so the unstable ports weren’t being searched. Kmail required gpgme for GPG integration, and it’s only available in unstable. With the correct package search paths, the pre-built KDE binaries work just fine using gpgme. Despite a […]

So I’m loving Kmail on the OS X box, save for one minor (ok, so not really minor) hangup: GPG integration seems borked. It seems that even though my GPG keys are correctly placed, Kmail doesn’t know how to use GPG in to encrypt mail. So now I’m halfway through re-building Kmail (and half of […]