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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


After all the noise and fury about a Python blog system, Matt and I have finally started working on something that might form the kernel of such a thing. There was much compiling and gnashing of teeth involved in getting the bsddb3 data store working, but we are now masters of our collective ZODB installations. The working name for our blogware is "brainFeed". Which brings us to the next point: does that name suck?



Consider this a contest of sorts: you send me a better name than "brainFeed" for a Python/ZODB/netWindows based weblog system, and I will personaly install and configure the system for you when it's complete. Include a nifty logo and I'll up the ante to include template design and integration as well as arranging for hosting of your blog for the period of 1 year (subject to my hosting provider's AUP).

So to recap: send me a really good name, get a fully functional copy of the system to try out when it's done. Send me a good name and a great logo, and you'll get not only a configured system, but also template design and hosting for your shiny new blog.

Prizes are non-exclusive, so get cracking and be the first one on your block to be able to say "neener, neener! I've got an OODBMS backend for MY blog! pbhbtttt!"