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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


I'm seriously mulling a move away from blogger.

I started this weblog because I needed to get some stuff out of my system (not that any of it was terribly important), but there are some things I'd like to do that blogger just isn't up to. For instance, I'd like to allow "threadable" user comments that use a netWindows widget to request content on the fly (i.e., no page referesh). So now I have to consider options for a new backend.

Web-based posting would be preferable, and I'm trying to stay away from PHP and Perl (security and maintenance nightmares, respectively). My hosting provider has both MySQL and Python 2.2 installed, so I'm thinking of rolling my own with either ZODB or MySQL (not under ZODB) as the storage medium.

Requirements for the project include: