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I'm so embarassed to be an American right now. I'm embarassed that in the last election the current fear-mongering, trigger happy, diplomatically challenged, fact and truth averse excuse for a President was a better option than Al Gore. It makes my blood boil that the best this country could come up with in service to it's people was a pair of corporate shills with nothing to offer but war and petty "consensus" building (respectively).

It's humiliating to know that my tax dollars are funding the diversion from pressing domestic problems that is Mr. Bush's lame attempt to inflate his poll numbers by sending my generation into harm's way.

Yes, Saddam Hussein is evil Yes, he should be deposed. We should have FINISHED the job the first time, not let it sit for 11 years and then trott it out whenever a sitting president needs a diversion from the economy or his lewd behviour. I deplore what Saddam has done to his people, and I deplore what we have LET Saddam do to his people, but the pretenses that Mr. Bush is producing in the defense of his blood thirsty agenda gall me. A bullet in the brain pan is arguably too good for Saddam, but if we're going to go ahead with this course of action, there can't be any question about the motives. Unfortunantly Mr. Bush's motives appear anything but honest. Frankly it's an ugly way to start a war (if, you know, you suddenly find yourself in the war starting business).

If Mr. Bush would like to reduce the proliferation of WMD, perhaps he should (fully) fund the cleanup of Russian nuclear facilities and/or do something constructive to help the Russians keep their military from rusting from the inside out? Or perhaps he'd like to force Pakistan and India to dissarm as well? Or perhaps Israel and Egypt (although Israel's nukes are, admittedly, legal)? Or maybe revoking China's MFN trading status until they stop exporting missile technology?

Fact is that there are a lot of UN resolutions that the US isn't likely to stand behind, and so the hipocracy and transparent electioneering of Mr. Bush's newfound love of international resolutions stands out as the bald ploy it is. What of Kyoto? Where's the emphasis on dissarming the entire region of WMD that the cited UN resolution so clearly calls for?

I'm not the kind of person that is going to oppose what Mr. Bush's stated aims are, but I have really big problem with being lied to. I'll support the military wherever they may go. Hell, I could be one of them. But I'm also going to assign the blame for sending them there squarely on the bloody hands to which it belongs. Mr. Bush, this is on you.

I'm so embarassed.