About Me

I’m Alex Russell, a software engineer at Google working on Chrome, Chrome Frame and the broader web platform via standards. I help represent Google at TC39, the committee standardizing ECMAScript, nee “JavaScript”. As of Spring ’13, I’ve also been elected to serve on the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group where I’m working with a group of like-minded reformers to improve the state of layering and API design for the web-facing specs the W3C produces.

Previously, I was Director of R&D at SitePen and built rich UIs for JotSpot and Informatica where I helped build Dojo. I continue to serve on the board of the Dojo Foundation.

You can usually get ahold of me in the Chromium or Blink IRC channels where my nick is slightlyoff. If it’s important, you can mail me at slightlyoff at chromium.org.