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The KHTML/KJS changelog for Safari has some very interesting things to note for DOM scripters. The ones that most caught my eye were:

Really exciting stuff. Now if only they'd hurry up and upgrade the 15" PowerBook's chasis to include the DDR and ATA upgrades they made on the 2 new notebooks, 'cause I really want to buy one.

New Browser

Perhaps my slavish attention to Konqueror hasn't been missplaced. Apple just anounced that it's new browser is going to be based on KHTML, the Konqeror rendering engine.

On a related note, anyone that has had to put up with me in real life will attest to the fact that I want a PowerBook. Badly. Today's PowerBook announcements have started me drooling all over again. It's going to be really hard to resist buying one of the 17" models.


This just makes me nauseous.

Powell Jr. and Co. haven't seen a handout to big corporations they haven't tripped over themselves to pass. Damnit, and I really like my local DSL provider. They don't suck. They don't charge monopoly rates. They actually let me use my service for useful things.



Saw this on the dhtmlcentral forums.


Overflowing Something

Konqueror CSS2 support listing.

Unfortunantly, there's STILL no support for overflow: auto;. Grrrr.

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