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New Browser

Perhaps my slavish attention to Konqueror hasn't been missplaced. Apple just anounced that it's new browser is going to be based on KHTML, the Konqeror rendering engine.

On a related note, anyone that has had to put up with me in real life will attest to the fact that I want a PowerBook. Badly. Today's PowerBook announcements have started me drooling all over again. It's going to be really hard to resist buying one of the 17" models.


This just makes me nauseous.

Powell Jr. and Co. haven't seen a handout to big corporations they haven't tripped over themselves to pass. Damnit, and I really like my local DSL provider. They don't suck. They don't charge monopoly rates. They actually let me use my service for useful things.



Saw this on the dhtmlcentral forums.


Overflowing Something

Konqueror CSS2 support listing.

Unfortunantly, there's STILL no support for overflow: auto;. Grrrr.


I'm a converted Ogg Vorbis user, and have been for some time now. I think mainly because KDE makes it incredibly simple for me to rip my CDs into Ogg format (path of least resistance and all that).

Anyway, I have been having an issue with my .ogg files ever since I upgraded to SuSE 8.1, as I often rip a CD at work and then scp it back to my home machine, meaning that the libogg versions could potentially be different. It seems that SuSE 8.1 didn't upgrade my libogg and instead decided to leave me with an older version. This caused all kinds of really funky problems when anything tried to access the files with something that understands how to decode .ogg.

Forcing an upgrade to libogg, libao, libvorbis, and vorbistools fixed it. Now I can listen to all my music again. Huzzah!

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