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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


New browsers to play with!

Konqeror 3.1 has been released with KDE 3.1. Now my favorite browser has tabs = )

Less noteworthy (as the Linux port is nowhere in sight) is the first stable release of Opera 7.

So whether or not you're bracing the barren wasteland of microsoft OSes, today is a good day for your browser options.

Ice Cream

Japanese ice cream variations (from an old friend)


vim foo:

:set mouse=a

lets you use your mouse (in an ncurses environment) to resize split panes. schweet!


Sorry it's been so slow around here, I've been terribly busy. There won't be any postings until at least next Monday, as I'll be in SF, ostensibly to present on this.

Too True

Having spent the past weekend fighting with Java (and remembering how many of my gripes about it from years past are still true), this rings very, very true

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