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throwing in the towel

Now that it's finally been mentioned on NG-DHTML, I guess I should publicly rescind my vehement opposition to the term "AJAX". Frankly, it's a better name than anything I've come up with, and it's got traction. If it helps people forget "DHTML", so much the better.

wither blogger?

Oh Blogger, why must you eat my posts, error out spontaneously, and generally suck?


on paranoia

"this sounds like a half-baked response to a half-baked thought about a half-real threat"

back, and stuff

So I'm going to try to avoid the obligitory "wasn't SxSW fun!?" post and just breifly mention that Ping has a new blog on usable security.

I can't say how incredibly happy I am to see this kind of work being opened up to a more general audience.

dojo browserio profile package and article

After months of work, I'm happy to announce the first releaes of a Dojo package. This package contains ONLY what is necessaray to support our XMLHTTP wrapper and it's generic bind() API.

The package is available at:

An article that is being released as part of the package is also available separately here.

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