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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Quicksilver -> Mac QSB

For years now Quicksilver has been the first thing I install on any new Mac I buy. I'll admit to not being the most advanced Quicksilver user, which I think is easing my transition to the new Quick Search Bar. Unlike it's windows counterpart, QSB for the Mac seems to be meeting most of my needs as a launcher. We'll see how it goes.

Johnson & Kwak: Off With The Bankers

Simon Johnson and James Kwak make a strong case for common-sense: bankers are fungible commodities.

"Not your mother's JavaScript" is up!

Trying out the experiments on the Chrome 2.0 beta or Safari 4's beta feels like the early days of the web all over again, in a good way. New things seem there's stuff we can do now that was off limits before. Beautiful stuff, particularly Dean McNamee's Monster and Colorscube, Ryan Alexander's Canopy, and the awesome Browsermation.

Chrome 2.0 Beta

While you're waiting for the Dojo 1.3 release candidate to shake out the last few bugs, might I recommend some instant gratification by way of the new Chrome 2.0 Beta?.


So if you're using Windows and reading this blog, I can easily assume you're using (or at least have installed) a Chrome Dev Channel build. Drive that bad boy over here and behold the beauty of @font-face.

Awww yeah.

Thanks, as always, go to Chrome's good friends over at Apple and WebKit who are doing amazing work to help deliver a more beautiful web.

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