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Dead, Jim

My box is dead.



bought the farm.

You get the idea.

Anyway, I'm looking for ways to rebuild it on the cheap...I'm thinking Athlon XP 1600 (1.4 GHz), KT266A, and a new power supply...the down side here is that I need this like yesterday but I don't have a budget for it to speak of. And if I go DDR, I've got half a gig of useless SDR ram sitting around (and I'd have to buy ram too). I dunno...spending money tends to cause me physical pain, so I'm leery of forking out my hard-earned dough just to resuscitate my ailing computer. On the other hand, no computer == no revenue for Alex. What the hell...may as well go find out what DDR is going to set me back...

Easy Up

May you have a happy and blessed new year. And remember, if you didn't make that punch, you have no idea how hard it's going to hit in the morning, so go easy on it =)


Got to see Jennifer's not often that she's around (lives on the other side of the country, etc...) and we played skeeball and ate at Bazbeaux. Today was a good day.

I'm also a lot happier with the Tree Widget now. Time for sleep. Still some behaviour problems, but the data structures are fixed, which is the hard part.


Tabbed browsing is possibly the best feature enhancement the mozilla project has ever accepted from the outside world. Standards compliance is great for DHTML buffs like me, but what the rest of the worlds wants is tabbed browsing.

Way to go =)


So between a broken blogger (security breach) and a broken cable modem (at my folk's place), I've been pretty much out of comission the past couple of days...hope to correct that this week, but it is after all New Years.

OTOH, it's really nice to have SuSE 7.3 running the way I want it too. Samba is configured, sshd, office stuff, logins distributed...hopefully I can find a way to sell the rest of the family on this while I'm gone. I think that a recent version of Open Office should help the cause some.

I'll report more after I give it the "mom test" tomorrow.

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