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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


So I'm in San Francisco and having a GREAT time visiting my friend Jennifer. We went to a cookout today at which a pseudo-spontaneous game of bicycle polo broke out and then watched fireworks from the balcony at her apartment. Tomorrow we're going to see a Jose Carerras recital from the 2nd row. I'm so spoiled =)


so I got an email yesterday that just floored me: netWindows has an offshoot project


I'm in Wisconsin now. I'm still trying to find a place to live here in Madison that's not going to hurt me too badly financially but won't endanger my health, etc...

Work is neat, I have a really fast box, a nice monitor, and good input devices. My new work-related email address is You can still reach me at, but durring business hours the other is more likely to get to me quickly.


Woohoo! I've just accepted a position with SecurePipe and I'll be moving within a week and a half to Madison. Color me elated =)

Striking Similarities

Paul has put up a list of his likes/dislikes in email. Over time I've seen various articles of this sort from people who read gobs and gobs of mail, and the similarities between them are striking. Almost makes me want to write a utility for a mail client that would put a little bar next to each email in your box outlining it's friendlieness (netiquite quotient?) or some such measure.

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