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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.


I really can't beleive how qickly this week has flown by. So much is changing so fast...sometimes I feel like I'm suspended in time and other times I feel like I'm holding on by the seat of my pants.

Yesterday I got acquainted with the PostScript language, and I can say without a hint of reservation that it's not the kind of thing I'd wish on anyone. Don't get me wrong, it's a VERY capable system, but it's something of a pain to write by hand.

I still don't have any furniture at my apartment, but all the appliances got replaced, which is a start. I'm sleeping on the floor (sleeping bag and thermarest) which is something I got pretty used to last summer. I think I'm going to have to wait for another couple of weeks before I can afford a bed so with a little luck I won't get any major back problems in the mean time =)


I wound up spending an extra day in SF entirely by accident (although I can't say that I'm sorry about it in any way). The flight I was supposed to be on was scheduled for 6:30 am departure, but when I awoke the daylight comming through the blinds me that despite the fact that I needed the sleep, I'd screwed up.

A quick call to the airline straightened things out and I got a flight out of SF at 11:20 yesterday evening. Just as we were leaving for the airport I noticed that things seemed to be shaking ever so slightly in Jennifer's apartment. The flowers on the counter top were gently swaying back and forth and I seemed slightly sea sick for just an instant. It took me a second for my brain to process what had happened, but slowly it dawned on me that it was probably an earthquake. Jennifer didn't even notice it, but it was all over the news today, so I guess I wasn't just dreaming.

Quite an end to a weekend full of suprises.


So I'm in San Francisco and having a GREAT time visiting my friend Jennifer. We went to a cookout today at which a pseudo-spontaneous game of bicycle polo broke out and then watched fireworks from the balcony at her apartment. Tomorrow we're going to see a Jose Carerras recital from the 2nd row. I'm so spoiled =)


so I got an email yesterday that just floored me: netWindows has an offshoot project


I'm in Wisconsin now. I'm still trying to find a place to live here in Madison that's not going to hurt me too badly financially but won't endanger my health, etc...

Work is neat, I have a really fast box, a nice monitor, and good input devices. My new work-related email address is You can still reach me at, but durring business hours the other is more likely to get to me quickly.

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