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Roxer Goes Live!

So once upon a time, back when I had a "real" job, I used to do security (specifically webappsec) for a living. One of the shining lights in that world for a long time has been Jeremiah Grossman, and as I moved out to the Bay Area, I was lucky enough to meet him in person. We've kept up here and there, and while his company has grown at a furious rate, he's somehow found time to continue to publish important original research, travel more than any human really should, and generally kick ass....oh...and build an awesome Dojo-based product on the side.

Jeremiah and Lex must really not sleep, 'cause their new Roxer app makes me all giddy to play with. Yes, yes, you should separate style from content...oh fuck it all. When it's this easy and fun to build a web page, who cares? I loathe wikis, mostly because traditional wikis try to be "half-pregnant" about how what you write gets displayed. Roxer solves that essential failure in one easy step, and makes it enjoyable to boot.

Think of it as the anti-blogging tool. It's not set up with expectations that you'll be doing this or that with it, it's there for you to do stuff. I literally cannot wait until it's hooked up with some love to access web services and the like. It's not a programming platform, and maybe that's what's great about it. Can't wait to see how it evolves and how they'll open up the (apparently pluggable?) content type system.

Great work guys!

Dojo Needs Your Projector (and room, and network, and...)! (updated)

The votes have just come in, and the next set of Dojo Developer Days will be in the San Francisco Bay Area Feb 7-8 or 8-9, but as of now we don't have a venue.

In years past, IBM and AOL have graciously hosted these events, provided network connections and projectors, and generally made us feel at home.

This is where you come in! If you're working at a Bay Area company who is using or otherwise benefits from the work we're doing in Dojo and can spare a room for 20-30 people (with working network) for a couple of days, this is a great chance for you to meet the community of folks building the toolkit, put faces to names, and do your bit to help ensure that Dojo continues to succeed.

If you can spare some space on either of those sets of dates (Feb 7-8 or 8-9), please send me mail.

Update: Our friends at Google and Mozilla have both generously offered their spaces, and so it looks the Feb DDD will be in Mt View. I'll update this post once more once dates and locations are final. Thanks Google/Mozilla!

Update 2: Thanks to Google, Dojo Dev Day will be Feb 7-8th at Google's Mt. View campus. The agenda is being constructed here, and we can use all the help and feedback we can get on what to discuss, particularly if you plan on attending. It's always hard trying to address every concern at these meetings, so now's the time to make your voice heard! We'll be posting logistics details and the RSVP address to that page in the next couple of days.

This DDD is going to rock! Can't wait to see everyone there.

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