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Good Weekend

I'm at my friend Patrick's wedding in Indianapolis this weekend. The weekend summary is roughly:

Driving -> Merriment -> Driving

I'm not going to get anything done, but there are worse ways to spend a weekend.


I was talking to Paul this evening and it turns out that Wired's redesign is even cooler than I thought: it's using Paul's style switcher script.

Everyone strives to do something that lots of people will appreciate or find useful, and it seems that Paul's done it. And he's only a college freshman. Some people really are that good, I guess = )

Prior Art

As Jennifer said, "isn't this why we created the web?"


I'm writing this from the new Phoenix build (0.3), and I've gotta say that I'm impressed. Anyone still compliaining about how slow Moz is should really give phoenix a chance. It's probably the fastest mozilla build I've seriously used since M14. Recommended.


I just finished Michael Chabon's "Kavalier & Clay". It feels odd being able to read for pleasure (as opposed to edification, which can be pleasure, but isn't always so). This follows on the heels of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" which I finished a month or two back, and while they are supposedly some of the best books recently written, I have a hard time calling them "Great Books". Chabon's work won the Pulitzer Prize, and while an excellently written book that makes you truly empathize and connect with it's characters, it's not Pulitzer Prize quality.

What it doesn't have in terms of beleiveability (although it gets close in places), "Kavalier & Clay" makes up for in Chabon's description rich writing style that leads you around a room, giving you a panoramic view into the world and the minds of his characters, who are lovingly written but never given over to excessive pitty at the hands of the author. The story is always king, and it's a good thing. It's not a "Great Book", but it's definantly not a waste of time. Heartily recommended.

I'm going to try to get through "My War Gone By, I Miss It So" next. It'll probably take a while at this rate.

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