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Ed Felten is a genius


My employer just got a corporate subscription to Linux Weekly News, and it's a Good Thing TM.

I never really appreciated LWN until now, but it's something of an institution for those the rely upon Linux on a day-to-day basis. It's deep coverage of all things Linux blows discussion sites like Slashdot right out of the water, so if you like or use Linux on a regular basis, I highly recommend either getting a personal subscription to LWN or pestering your employer to get a corporate subscription. Keeping something like LWN around is good for everyone, and every little bit helps.


So I've kinda been a bum about the weblog thing for a couple of days. But I have my reasons.

I spent a long weekend in Indianapolis with Jennifer at the Formula 1 race. It was super spiffy since Jennifer's company is a sponsor of one of the cars and we got to go down to the pits and got a tour of the Ferrari garage. Pretty much the ideal weekend for a couple of huge dorks like us = )


So it seems that there is a whizzy RSS aggregator (thanks Paul!).

Guess that answers that question = )

Cervisia is Good

CVS is perhaps the 5th best thing since sliced bread (one, two, three, and four: you know who you are). Despite this, CVS hasn't had a GUI (not to mention a good one).

Or at least it didn't have a really great GUI.

Enter Cervisia. It's even integrated into Konqueror for file browsing. Check it out (ok!, ok! I'll stop).

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