Monthly Archives: March 2010

Some Questions Worth Asking

When I hear the following words or phrases I now have to stop and think about what is really being said since these words and phrases have been so heavily diluted and co-opted that their positive connotations can no longer be assumed: “Innovation” Is a given innovation socially beneficial? I.e., does it improve the lots […]

Planet Chromium

All the Chromium news that I care about is now being aggregated at Planet Chromium, joining the similarly awesome Planet Webkit.

View-Source Follow-Up

One of the points I made during last Saturday’s panel was that the further down the path we go with JavaScript, the more pressure there is to use it in ways that defeat view-source. Brendan called me out for seemingly not being aware of beautifiers which can help correct the imballance, but I think that […]

SxSWi ’10 Reflections

I first attended SxSWi amidst the rubble of the dot-com crash, a time when the interactive festival filled only one hallway of the third floor of the Austin Convention Center. It’s changed a lot since then, mostly in scale. The lack of technical content is something I’ve bemoaned in years past but have finally come […]